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Family Services EAP is your Bridge Between Home and Work!

When an employee encounters personal difficulties, their job performance is often impacted. At these times, assistance may be needed. Family Services EAP provides support to help maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Family Services EAP offers a range of services for employees at every level in an organization.  The following core services are provided to our client companies:

  • Problem Identification, Assessment & Referral
    The EAP helps identify problems, develops a plan of action, and connects clients with additional services.
  • Short Term Counseling
    If the assessment indicates it is appropriate, employees and eligible family members are able to access a pre-determined number of counseling sessions with a licensed mental health clinician.
  • 24-hour emergency line
    Individuals who experience a crisis outside normal business hours have access to support by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Supervisor Consultations ― Individual consultation is available for managers and supervisors regarding personnel issues.
  • Crisis Management
    When there is a critical incident at the workplace, Family Services EAP helps employees cope with the event, respond in a healthy way, and return to normal functioning as quickly as possible.
  • Management Training
    A broad selection management trainings are provided, including: Harassment Prevention, Cultural Diversity, and Violence Prevention. Trainings are also available on a fee for service basis. Click here for a complete list of trainings.
  • Wellness Seminars
    Wellness seminars help keep your workforce informed on important health-related subjects. Topics include: work/life issues, stress, parenting, and other topics to promote healthy lifestyle. Click here for a full listing of Wellness Seminars.


If you have questions or need additional information on the Family Services EAP, please contact us:

PH: 978-327-6666
E: info@FamilyServicesEAP.org