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What is the EAP?

The EAP is an employer-paid benefit that offers professional counseling, evaluation, and referral services to address personal problems that may interfere with work.  Services are available to you and eligible members of your household.

How About Confidentiality?

The foundation of our service is based on trust and confidentiality.  All personal information remains confidential within the limits of the law and will not be released without your consent.

What Services are Available?

The Family Services EAP provides assessment, counseling, and referral services for employees and members of their household. 

The EAP is a resource for addressing personal problems such as:

  • Family and marital difficulties
  • Parent and child relationships
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Work and family stress
  • Anxiety and depression

Click here for answers to more Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to take an anonymous screening survey for mood and anxiety disorders

The Family Services EAP provides you with this free online screening for mood and anxiety disorders. This anonymous screening is available to all employees to determine – in a few minutes – whether or not professional consultation would be helpful for potential emotional and mental health issues.

Referral Services

Many employees have issues that can be addressed by connecting them with resources in the community, such as childcare, elder care, legal services and financial assistance.  The Family Services EAP has a full and up-to-date resource directory to help you access additional support services. 

You may access the directory by clicking here, or call the EAP at 978-327-6666.

Accessing the EAP

Referrals to the EAP may be made by employees themselves, supervisors and/or union representatives, human resources, and medical professionals. 


To schedule an appointment or make a referral, you may call the EAP or
CLICK HERE to submit and appointment request.  We will respond to your inquiry the following full business day by phone. (The online inquiry is not for emergency situations.  For emergencies, please call 978-327-6666).

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The Family Services EAP is here for YOU!   Please call at any time to get the support you need. 

The EAP can be reached, day
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P: 978-327-6666
E: info@FamilyServicesEAP.org
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