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Training for your organization’s supervisors and managers is part of the service provided by the Family Service EAP and may be purchased on a fee for service basis. Training sessions can be customized to meet your organization’s needs and goals. 


  • Cultural Diversity at Work: Participants learn about the impact of culture and diversity. Supervisors learn techniques to use in managing a diverse workforce as a way to improve morale and productivity.
  • EAP Supervisor Training: Supervisors are taught the differences between job performance problems and personal problems. Policies on performance evaluation and discipline are reviewed. This session is one of the Core Components of the EAP.
  • Effective Communication for Supervisors:
    This session examines the fundamental elements of communication and focuses on building the concrete skills to communicate successfully.
  • Managing Organizational Change:
    Participants learn about the psychological aspects of change and how to apply these concepts to the organization. Supervisors learn how to become managers of change rather than allowing haphazard reactions.
  • Promoting Safety and Communication at the Workplace:
    Introduces participants to concepts on safety and conflict resolution. Participants learn to assess their workplace and work style in order to reduce risk.
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training:
    Participants learn the legal definition of sexual harassment, how to create a harassment-free environment, how to identify the cause and effect of sexual harassment, how to assess a possible sexual harassment situation, and determine appropriate responses.
  • Trauma Prevention Training: Participants are educated on the psychological and physical responses to traumatic incidents. Workplace trauma responses are normalized in an effort to prepare supervisors in the event of a traumatic incident.


If you have questions or need additional information on the Family Services EAP, please contact us:

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