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Wellness seminars are available to help keep your workforce informed on important health-related subjects. These seminars serve two purposes: to educate and to prevent. 

CURRENT Wellness Seminars INCLUDE:

  • Tame the Tiger:  Tools for Anger Management
    Provides an understanding of the psychological process of anger, the positive and negative functions of anger, and a framework for appropriate expression/ management of anger.
  • Juggling Act: Tips on Balancing Work and Family
    Looks at importance of prioritizing activities based on life goals, setting effective limits on demands for your time, managing transition times and general coping techniques.
  • We Can't Be Dinosaurs: Adapting to Change
    Examines the stages associated with change, physical and emotional responses, effects of workplace change, and coping techniques.
  • Listen & Be Heard: Communicating in Interpersonal Relationships Explores common relationship roadblocks and provides tools for improving communication skills.
  • Effective Communication with Difficult People:
    Provides information on finding common ground for communication, recognizing personality types and matching communication techniques accordingly.
  • Be Well: Healthy Living for Body, Mind & Spirit
    This session provides an understanding of energy balance, the food pyramid, nutrition labels, and portion control.
  • Increase the Number of Minutes in an Hour: Tips for Time Management
    Provides analysis of current use of time, how to plan effectively, tips for handling self-generated and environmental time wasters.
  • Managing Stress Before it Manages you
    Defines stress and its general causes, examines sources of workplace stress, looks at symptoms and provides a range of coping techniques.
  • No "I" in Team: Team Building and Leadership Development
    The session provides opportunity for self-assessment and group activities to encourage a coherent objective for team goals and develop individual leadership potential.


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