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In-Home therapy (IHT) is an intensive, community-based therapeutic service employing a team approach to improve youth and family functioning.


The In-Home Therapy team is made up of qualified practitioners (usually a clinician and qualified paraprofessional), the youth and family.  Together, the team develops and implements a treatment plan and monitors/evaluates progress. 


Services are provided in any setting where the child or youth resides (such as home or foster care) and in community locations such as a school, child care setting, or recreation site.


Therapeutic Mentoring

what do in-home

therapists do?

Accessing iht services


In-home therapists work with youth and caregivers in the home and community to strengthen family structures and support.

IHT clinicians remain in frequent contact with other providers and may participate in IEP meetings, care plan team meetings, residential discharge meetings, etc.

IHT is an intensive service, but treatment goals and the intensity of the service are tailored to meet the individual needs of each family.

IHT may support families in discovering how to:

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Improve communication
  • Anticipate and plan for crisis
  • Learn new ways to do things
  • Make new routines
  • Set limits
  • Identify and use natural supports
  • Find community resources




In-Home Therapy is available to children and adolescents who:


  • Are under the age of 21.
  • Have a comprehensive behavioral health assessment inclusive of the CANS that indicates medical necessity for this level of care.
  • Reside in a home environment (e.g. with birth family, foster care, kinship etc) and have at least one caregiver willing to participate.
  • Have needs that require more intensive intervention than outpatient level of care may provide.
  • Are members of Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership, Network Health, or Neighborhood Health Plan.


For more information on In-Home Therapy, contact:


Molly Mitchell, LICSW

Program Supervisor



To make a referral, contact:


Linda Elliot

Intake Coordinator



This Program is supported with funding from:

The Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation