Family Service Inc.
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Family Services is a non-profit social service
agency located in Lawrence, MA
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Mental health and emotional wellness are a necessary foundation for success in life. Many people, at one point in their lives, struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health issues. For many, professional help is required. Family Services provides a wide array of prevention and treatment services for people struggling with mental health issues with the goal of achieving wellness today, and hope for the future. COUNSELING CENTER
Family Services' Counseling Center helps individuals and families achieve emotional wellness through professional mental health treatment. Individuals and families struggling with depression, anxiety, grief and other mental health disorders receive caring and competent treatment from a team of licensed mental health clinicians. In addition, Family Services provides clinical support to daycare providers to address the mental health needs of very young children.

In collaboration with the Methuen and Andover Councils on Aging, Family Services reaches older adults who are struggling with mental health issues that affect their ability to continue to live independently.

Therapeutic Mentoring offers one-to-one, structured community-based support to youth ages 7-21 with the goal of addressing daily living, social and communication needs.  Services are provided in any setting where the child or youth resides (such as home or foster care) and in community settings such as a school, child care setting, etc.

The Family Services Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employers and employees balance the demands of work and home to achieve a better quality of life for employees and a productive workforce for employers. Services include counseling for employees, consultation and training for employers and crisis intervention for organizations. All services are designed to give employers and employees concrete tools to manage difficult personal and professional issues.

Samaritans of the Merrimack Valley is a suicide prevention and postvention (after a suicide death) center run by Family Services. The Samaritans offer a crisis hotline, outreach and education, postvention visits and training for individuals who have frequent contact with high risk populations. The Samaritans rely on their dedicated volunteers, who are trained to staff the Samaritans 24 hour crisis hotline. We also offer numerous support services for survivors of suicide loss, including support groups, resource packets and a quarterly newsletter.