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The MCSP - Northeast Region continues
to make a positive
impact on suicide reduction.

MCSP Northeast


Who We Are

The Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention Northeast Region was formed in 2006 with seven members.  Today, we have more than 50 members who continue to make an impact on suicide in the northeast region on a grass roots level.

We are a diverse group of individuals and organizations who meet 6 times a year.  Each year, the members decide on the goals for the coming year.  In addition, we sponsor an annual Leadership Breakfast in the fall in support of National Suicide Prevention Month.  We are a group of concerned people who are trying to:

  • Reduce the incidence of suicide through collaboration;
  • Meet the individual needs of our membership;
  • Increase awareness of both the state and northeast region’s efforts in suicide prevention;
  • Promote suicide prevention on a grass roots level.

Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

What: A free program open to all who have lost someone to suicide.

When: Saturday, November 19, 2016, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Where: Family Services of the Merrimack Valley, 430 North Canal Street in Lawrence*


Registration is required. To register or to get more information, please either call or email Debbie at 978-327-6671 or

This event is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and hosted by the Mass. Coalition of Suicide Prevention - Northeast Region. 


Please bring a pciture of your loved on to hand on our memorial tree.  Continental breakfast and lunch will be served.  The documentary this year is called Life Journeys: Reclaiming Life after Loss.  We will have a balloon release at the end of the day as well as a special gift for you to bring home.


*Depending on the number of participants, we may have to change the location.  We will let you know prior to the event.

community events


We held our 10th Annual Leadership in Suicide Prevention Breakfast on october 5, 2016 at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School.  We were honored  to have Francisco Urena, Secretary of Veterans' Services in MA, not only speak for half an hour and answer questions but also stay for the entire breakfast.  We want to thank the Secretary for giving us his time and his empassioned speech about veterans and mental health services.

The Youth Leadership in Suicide Prevention Award went to Shawsheen Valley Technical High School and the youth who led the Shawsheen CARES inititiative this year. Seven of the 9 youth leaders involved with this project did a very professional, complete and wonderful presentation on not only the project itself but what it meant to each of them to be involved.  There was also a young man who was in the program and he also spoke about what it meant to him.  Ms. Angela Caria, guidance counselor at the school, not only developed this program but has been a tireless supporter and adult mentor for these students.  Congratulations to all of you.

 Our Adult Leadership in Suicide Prevention went to Kelley Cunningham for her work and dedication not only in suicide prevention but also in the town and schools in Wakefield.  Congratulations Kelley!

We were also honored to have Nancy Ross, a Navy Veteran, as our keynote speaker.  She addressed the audience with passion, hope, understanding and ways to help veterans.  Even after everything she has struggled with, Nancy is the epitomy of everything we hope for all our veterans.

Thanks again to Bob Roach and his staff for the delicious breakfast and to Tim Broadrick, Superintendent, for hosting our breakfast at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School.




Our Accomplishments

To date, we have accomplished the following:

  • Held 10 annual Leadership Breakfasts on different topics while recognizing both an adult and youth who have made a difference in suicide prevention.
  • Held educational programs for MCSP-Northeast region members.
  • Have increased our membership.
  • Have a great resource for questions, speakers, education, etc. thanks to our diverse membership.
  • Have trained over 1,500 people in the NAMI-NH Connect Suicide Prevention Project both in Haverhill and other towns (thanks to funding from the Dept. of Public Health and the MCSP).
  • Hosted various workshops
  • Have trained 25 survivors of suicide loss in the 2-day Survivor Voices training



We are also sponsoring a Survivor Voices 2 day training. This training is for survivors of suicide loss who want to learn how to tell their story safely and effectively to friends, family, the media and other audiences.


The purpose of this training is to share how people who have lost someone to suicide have coped and continue to cope with their tragic loss, to learn what has helped and not helped in the healing journey, to further the healing process and understanding, to increase public awareness of risk factors and warning signs and to decrease stigma. The participants will learn about safe messaging, public speaking, issues when speaking about suicide and focusing on what their message will be. Participants are required to prepare their story the first night.


The second day, participants will share their stories, get feedback, and review possible responses to difficult questions. Please contact Debbie Helms at




If you are interested in learning more about the MCSP-Northeast Region coalition, please email Debbie Helms  Or call her at978.327.6671 or 978-226-3667. 


You can also click here to print the membership form and send it to Debbie at 430 North Canal Street, Lawrence, MA 01840 or fax to 978.327.6601.