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Family Services is a non-profit social service
agency located in Lawrence, MA
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The ESTEEM (Experiencing Success Through Empowerment Encouragement and Education) is a voluntary program for youth involved with the juvenile justice system.


ESTEEM fills an important need in the City of Lawrence to provide positive youth development to older youth who have lost sight of their future goals and become involved with the juvenile justice system.  Through active engagement in self improvement through individual and group activities, ESTEEM helps young people rediscover their potential.

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The ESTEEM program has four core components:

Case Management: ESTEEM provides caring case managers that help participants establish and reach personal goals.


The Arts:  ESTEEM integrates arts and self expression to enhance self esteem and feelings of self worth.


Community Service: Participants are given opportunities for leadership within the community through service learning and civic engagement.


Outdoor Adventure:  Taking participants out of their element, becoming vulnerable, and overcoming obstacles through outdoor adventure is a key ESTEEM program activity. 

To be eligible for participation in ESTEEM, youth must be:

  • Living in the City of Lawrence, MA
  • Be between the ages of 13 and 18
  • Be currently on probation or be a Child Requiring Assistance (CRA).


To find out more about ESTEEM, contact Shirley Pimentel at: