June, 2020


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As an organization whose mission is rooted in compassion and respect for all people, Family Services is deeply troubled by the recent events in our nation. We work every day to help people overcome obstacles so that they can live happy, healthy lives. Racism and oppression are obstacles that we must address as individuals, as an organization, and as a nation – and they must be addressed now.
Human dignity and equality are values that should cause no controversy. They are values that should permeate every interaction that we have with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. When those values are not upheld, we must take action. It is incumbent upon every person and every institution to determine how to be part of a solution. To that end, Family Services will redouble its efforts to lift up our community, to support individuals who face the obstacles of racism and oppression, and to advocate that all voices be heard. As an organization, we will continue the work begun years ago to constantly evaluate the ways in which our policies, procedures, and activities advance the values of dignity and equality, and make changes when we’re falling short.
These times are extremely stressful. The COVID-19 crisis combined with the eruption of civil unrest has everyone feeling unmoored. As always, during moments of struggle it is vital that we focus on the ways in which we, as people and as a community, can be a force for good. We are looking forward to seeing the progress that we will make as a nation and maintain hope for our future.