January, 2021

Mass Service Alliance Grant for Latinx Mentor Recruitment

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Family Services is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of $10,000 from the Massachusetts Service Alliance to recruit at Latinx bilingual volunteers as mentors for it’s Big Friends Little Friends mentoring program.

Family Services’ Big Friends Little Friends program supports over 100 matches between volunteer mentors and youth , the majority of which come from Latinx  families from Lawrence and surrounding communities. Dr. Dolores C Calaf, EdD, Volunteer Coordinator for the program, has been working with a group of Latinx volunteers who have been helping with a new promotion and marketing campaign in Spanish. The campaign consists of five strategies: 1) identify community stakeholders, 2) conduct community forums to understand the needs of Latinx youth, 3) develop an outreach work plan to engage adult Latinx mentors, 4) develop outreach materials and strategies in Spanish, 5) assess effectiveness of outreach strategies and modify activities as needed. The working committee members represent different areas of services including local business owners, educational, social services, and healthcare professionals as well as two state legislators.

“We are so pleased to be partnering with the Massachusetts Service Alliance to enhance our ability to match youth in our community with mentors who share their language and cultural identity,” said Aida Castro, Director of Community Support Services. “And we’re thrilled that so many volunteers have joined us to get this initiative off the ground, especially during this difficult time”, concluded her.

Family Services is a leading provider of comprehensive social services located in Lawrence, MA.  The agency is committed to helping children and families build a better life by offering services in youth development, parent education and mental health and wellness. Rooted in compassion and respect for the diverse population it serves, Family Services helps over 7,000 people from throughout the Merrimack Valley each year.  All services are based upon hope and the possibility that with support, individuals can thrive within their family, school, workplace, and community. 

For more information or if you are interested in become a Latinx bilingual mentor, contact Dr. Dolores Calaf at 978-314-3125 or email her at [email protected]

Stand & Deliver – Delivers Quality Content

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The most impactful piece of our Stand & Deliver program is the weekly one-on-one mentoring students receive from the mentors who work at our corporate partner companies. Although conducted virtually for now, the advice and encouragement these students receive help them believe in themselves and their futures.
Since the onset of the pandemic, Stand & Deliver partners produce monthly webinars topics including: College Information & Admissions, Financial Aid, Money Management, College Panel, and the first annual High School Panel to help our 8th grade students transition to high school! Click here for more information.
Thanks to the following individuals for sharing their wisdom and sage advice:
  • Merrimack College Assistant Director of Admissions, and former Stand & Deliver alum, Dauri Torres
  • Northern Essex Community College Admissions Coordinator Thomas Ortiz
  • GLTS Guidance Counselor, Mr. Chris “CP” Plourde
  • UMass Lowell Assistant Director of Study Abroad & Financial Aid, Tonya Brito
  • Stand & Deliver Raytheon mentor, Arie
  • College Panel Participants and S&D alum: Keiddy, Javier, Manases, and Jennifer
We are so grateful for our corporate partners: Raytheon, New Balance, Schneider Electric, and Pfizer for their help and support of this program!
Here are a few pictures from our Fall series: