January, 2023

Donor Spotlight: Lynne Capozzi

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With our Campaign to Build Change renovations underway, we want to highlight some of our amazing donors, their inspirations, and what drives them to support Family Services.

Lynne Capozzi, Campaign Co-Chair

How did you learn about Family Services?  What led you to get involved with them?We had a friend on the board who invited us to an event at Family Services.  It was a CASA event.  I was super impressed with the CASA program and the support they give to children.  As I learned more about Family Services I was impressed with what they accomplish and by the quality of their volunteers.  What inspires you about the work that Family Services does?  The depth and breadth of the services.  From suicide prevention to CASA to parenting programs.  They just have so many programs that support families.  I have seen the incredible impact that Family Services has had on family units.What is the one thing you think people should know about Family Services?I think the one thing to know is that they are a hidden gem in terms of what they do.  They are a quiet, humble organization that does so much.  It’s the oldest social service agency in Lawrence – founded in the 1850’s to help immigrant families.  People should know the number of services that they provide and how much impact they have on so many lives.  They are incredible.What is the most important reason for people to support the Campaign to Build Change?Family Services has a history of success helping underserved families in our area, and they need our support to continue that success.  I feel so strongly about the impact that Family Services has.  I believe that by supporting the campaign, we help fund the future.  A donation to Family Services goes a long way.  I think they do a great job in how they use their funding.  They put every dollar to good use and it’s amazing what they can do with their budget.Why did you decide to support the Campaign to Build Change at a leadership level?I’m a believer.  I’ve seen their results, I’ve seen their success.  We are happy to do it because I know that the outcome is going to be amazing.   There is great need in the community and it feels good knowing that we are helping people in our own backyard.  Lynne Capozzi is the CMO of Aquia and previously held CMO positions at Systinet (Acquired by Mercury Interactive), JackBe (acquired by Software AG), and IBM/ Lotus.  She is on the Board of Boston Children’s Hospital Trust, an advisory Member for Family Services of the Merrimack Valley, and a member of the Grants Allocation Committee of the Women’s Fund of Essex County.  She resides in Andover with her husband and two boys. 

Learn more about our Campaign to Build Change at FSMV.org/BuildChange.