Together We Can BUILD CHANGE

This building is where a daughter's dream overcame a mother's addiction.
This building is where confidence prevailed over a gang.
Where a door opened to a mentor. And a new future.
This building was a bridge. From skipping school, to graduation and college.
It has removed fear. Provided stability. Eased trauma.
This building has built hope.
And now this building — this building that has helped thousands in our community — needs your help.

Our building — the foundation for the meaningful impact we bring to kids and families in the Merrimack Valley — is in need of critical repair and improvements. Help us fund this work, and our ability to respond quickly to families in our community facing immediate need.


Reconfiguring, Rennovating, and Repairing Our Building

Building Improvements Include:

  • Safety and security measures including protected access areas, and the installation of internal security and emergency alert systems that will ensure that clients and staff are safe and secure while in and around the building.
  • Accessibility enhancements in our entryway, hallways, bathrooms and replacing the lift to allow those with limited mobility to access programming on the second floor and to meet ADA compliance stan-dards.
  • Improved functionality of the multi-purpose, childcare and group meeting rooms, and two full kitchens. Reconfigured spaces will transform these run down areas into warm and welcoming environ-ments that will contribute to a sense of well-being.
  • Energy efficiency including new doors, solar panels and an HVAC system that is eco-friendly and efficient. Currently, chronic HVAC malfunctions cost over $10,000 annually to repair and individuals suffer from extreme temperatures and poor air quality.