In-Home Therapy

Intensive, community-based therapeutic services that improve youth and family functioning.

The In-Home Therapy team is made up of qualified practitioners (usually a clinician and qualified paraprofessional), the youth and family. Together, the team develops and implements a treatment plan and monitors/evaluates progress.

Services are provided in any setting where the child or youth resides (such as home or foster care) and in community locations such as a school, child care setting, or recreation site.

Accessing IHT Services:

In-Home Therapy is available to children and adolescents who:

  • Are under the age of 21.
  • Have a comprehensive behavioral health assessment inclusive of the CANS that indicates medical necessity for this level of care.
  • Reside in a home environment (e.g. with birth family, foster care, kinship etc) and have at least one caregiver willing to participate.
  • Have needs that require more intensive intervention than outpatient level of care may provide.
  • Are members of Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership or Network Health.

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