Trauma Response Services

Family Services is here to support you during a traumatic event.

Family Services’ Trauma Response Services provides support to individuals (children, adolescents, and adults), families, groups, schools, hospitals, and businesses that have been exposed to a traumatic event. Traumatic events may include, but are not limited to, suicide, fire, robbery, community violence, school or workplace death, or natural disasters. Traumatic events very often produce stress reactions, including feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt, anger and depression. To help those affected handle these reactions in a healthy way, it is important to enlist the support of experts in the field of mental health and trauma response.

Management Consultation

Phone or on site consultation is available to managers and supervisors throughout the trauma response process. This includes creating and implementing a communications strategy, providing ongoing resources, and planning for the resumption of work/school/operations.

Individual Support

Family Services trained responders are able to be on site to meet individually with those affected by a traumatic event within one business day of an event. Family Services primarily utilizes the Psychological First Aid (PFA) model for individual support, which is an evidence-informed approach that reduces stress symptoms and assists in healthy recovery following a traumatic event. PFA helps stabilize affected persons and ensures that their basic physical and emotional needs are met.

Group Support

Family Services is able to facilitate “Coping Groups” for small groups. Coping Groups are guided conversations that helps people process their reactions and identify ways to cope after a traumatic event. This is not group therapy; it is instead a structured way to help a group of individuals (14 max.) access their own resilience.


Family Services is a contracted provider of the Riverside Trauma Center, funded by the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Public Health. Services to public entities (schools, municipalities, state agencies) are provided at NO COST. Private organizations (private schools, businesses, nonprofits) are subject to a per hour fee.


To access Trauma Response Services call 978-327-6600 submit the following form: