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Referring Employees to the EAP

If you have an employee who you would like to refer for EAP services, you may submit an inquiry, or download the Supervisory Referral Form and return by fax or mail.


Informal or Self-Referral

Employees and their families are encouraged to call Family Services EAP directly to schedule an appointment or talk to a counselor about a particular concern. The EAP is designed to provide convenient, confidential counseling so problems can be addressed in their early stages, before interfering with one’s work or personal life.

To schedule an EAP appointment, employees should:
Call 978-327-6666, email [email protected] or request an appointment. Day and evening appointments are available with Master’s level clinicians.

Formal Supervisory Referral

It’s important to refer employees to the EAP whenever the company becomes aware of a pattern of poor performance. Unsatisfactory or deteriorating work often takes these forms:

  • Inconsistent productivity
  • Wide variation in quality of work
  • Poor attendance
  • Frequent lateness
  • Neglectful attitudes towards assignments or deadlines
  • Irritability or anger management issues
  • Avoidance of coworkers and supervisors

Mandated Referral

Mandated referrals are when an employee’s participation in the EAP is a condition of his or her continued employment. These referrals should be very rare and only happen 1) after consultation with Human Resources and your legal department, and 2) it has been documented that the employee’s job related behavior is a threat to a vital function of the business.

Steps for making a supervisory OR mandated referral:

Family Services EAP recommends that the company call the EAP for a supervisory consultation prior to a discussion with the employee.
Please also fax us the Supervisory Referral Form (fax to 978-327-6601 or [email protected]).

EAP will request the employee sign a Release of Information form to allow permission for the EAP to confirm employee attendance at EAP sessions.
Follow-up as needed with appropriate documentation and actions related to the employee’s job.

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