Trainings & Seminars

Management Trainings

Training for your organization’s supervisors and managers is part of the service provided by the Family Service EAP and may be purchased on a fee for service basis. Training sessions can be customized to meet your organization’s needs and goals.

EAP Supervisor Training

Supervisors are taught the differences between job performance problems and personal problems. Policies on performance evaluation and discipline are reviewed.

Effective Communication for Supervisors

This session will help supervisors have difficult conversations with their supervisees and coworkers at all levels in ways that effectively resolve conflict and improves working relationships.

Managing Organizational Change

Participants learn about the psychological aspects of change and how to apply these concepts to the organization. Supervisors learn how to become managers of change rather than allowing haphazard reactions.

Sexual Harassment Prevention & Response

Participants learn the legal definition of sexual harassment, how to create a harassment-free environment, how to identify the cause and effect of sexual harassment, how to create a zero-tolerance environment.

Trauma Response

Participants are educated on the psychological and physical responses to traumatic incidents. Workplace trauma responses are normalized in an effort to prepare supervisors in the event of a traumatic incident.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

This training reviews what state & federal laws say about employee drug & alcohol use, what employees are covered, ow to make an accurate reasonable suspicion determination, what is “reasonable suspicion”, how to spot common signs and symptoms, and how to intervene.

Wellness Seminars

Wellness seminars are available to help keep your workforce informed on important health-related subjects. These seminars serve two purposes: to educate and to prevent.

Anger Management

Provides an understanding of the psychological process of anger, the positive and negative functions of anger, and a framework for appropriate expression/ management of anger.

Adapting to Change

Examines the stages associated with change, physical and emotional responses, effects of workplace change, and coping techniques.

Effective Communication with Difficult People

Provides information on finding common ground for communication, recognizing personality types and matching communication techniques accordingly.

Managing Stress

Defines stress and its general causes, examines sources of workplace stress, looks at symptoms and provides a range of coping techniques.

Substance Abuse

This training reviews the most recent trends in illegal drug use and abuse, warning signs of substance abuse, substance abuse and its relationship to mental health, how to intervene with someone who may be addicted, and where to get help.

Grief & Loss

Everyone experiences loss at some point in life, and yet coping with it does not get easier. This training helps people understand the “normal” grieving process, what is “complicated grief” and skills for coping with loss.


Recordings of recent virtual wellness seminars can viewed here: