Parenting Programs

Our Parenting Programs

Family Services parenting programs recognize that caring for family members is a challenge. We care so deeply for our spouses, children, parents and relatives, yet often struggle to maintain positive relationships that are healthy and nurturing. In our Parenting Programs department, trained and experienced professionals help parents, children and relatives gain the knowledge and skills they need to care for one another, and create a stronger, healthier family unit.

Programs & Services for Families Include:

  • Putting Children First – Court mandated parent education for divorcing parents.
  • Family & Community Resource Center – Located at One Union Street in Lawrence, MA, the FCRC provides a host of support services for families, including workshops, community events, case management, and parenting classes.
  • Fatherhood Programs – Programming geared toward supporting men in their unique and important role as fathers.
  • Strengthening Couples – A 8-week program designed to help couples form and sustain a healthy relationship.
  • Young Parent Programs – Family Services works with pregnant and parenting teens to learn how to care for their children while they continue to pursue their education and life goals.