Putting Children First FAQ’s

  • Who must attend? According to court regulation, all parents of children under eighteen years old, filing for divorce must attend the classes.
  • Can I attend with my spouse? No. The court approved Parent Education guidelines require that spouses attend separate sessions.
  • Do I have to attend both classes? Yes, the state requires a total of five hours of class time within two sessions.
  • Who conducts the course? Experienced, state-approved counselors lead this course. The leader must have more than five years licensed counseling experience and group-training experience. The state requires that the leader have experience with divorce issues.
  • What is the purpose of the course? The focus of class time is to understand the effect of divorce on children. The assumptions are that parents want to do a good job raising their kids and that divorce is an unsettling experience for kids and for each of their parents. The purpose of the class is to help parents and their children through the separation and divorce process.

  • What happens in a class? The class utilizes a variety of approaches including: lecture, discussion, video and small group discussion.