Therapeutic Mentoring

Individualized support in community settings

Family Services Therapeutic Mentoring program offers one-to-one, structured community-based support as a supplement to other treatment services. Therapeutic Mentoring helps young people do better in school, with friends and family and in the community. Through individualized support in community settings, young people are able to improve:

  • Age-appropriate behaviors
  • Social/communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coping skills for anger

Services are provided in any setting where the child or youth resides (such as home or foster care) and in community setting such as a school, child care setting, etc.

Young people are eligible for Therapeutic Mentoring if they are:

  • Under age 21
  • Currently participating in Outpatient Therapy, In-Home Therapy, or Intensive Care Coordination
  • AND has health insurance through Mass Health

Who can have a Therapeutic Mentor?

Therapeutic Mentoring cannot be provided as a “stand-alone” service. It must be included as a goal on an individual care plan for youth in ICC, or as a goal on the individualized action plan for a youth in In-Home or Out Patient therapy.

What is the goal of Therapeutic Mentoring?

Therapeutic Mentors help youth achieve their behavioral health treatment goals by increasing knowledge and practicing skills in the real world.  Therapeutic Mentors conduct an assessment to ensure that the service is appropriate for the child/young adult. If enrolled, the Therapeutic Mentor will meet regularly with the youth and collaborate with other providers, such as therapists, ICC’s, and medical professionals throughout treatment.

For more information on Therapeutic Mentoring or to make a referral, please call 978-327-6621 or submit the form below.

If you are ready to make a referral, please download and complete the Therapeutic Mentoring Referral